Grand opening – An event waited for all year long

Magnificent fireworks under the sky of Kopaonik, live performances of the most eminent musicians, cabaret performances of prominent artists, the finest morsels that seduce all senses and exceptional luxury ambience of the renovated Grand Hotel, at the long-announced opening were the only way for our symbol of Kopaonik to celebrate its opening on 15 December, after seven months of works.

Garden Gastro Bar

The Hotel Grand Kopaonik has firmly stepped into the new season in its new luxury edition, ready to impress its guests in every way, especially the one that seduces the eyes, tickles the palate and leaves a good gastronomic taste.

Ski Opening Kopaonik 9 – 12 December

This year, the Ski Opening in Kopaonik will be from 9 to 12 December, along with well-known entertainment but also with respect to all prescribed epidemiological measures. In addition to the first, eagerly awaited skiing, this year’s program will also include the musical part of the event, which will require Covid passes, i.e. the Digital Green Certificate.

Down memory trails

Hotel Grand Kopaonik presented an exhibition as a part of 40 years of modern tourism on Kopaonik. The exhibition “Down memory trails”, organized by the hotel Grand Kopaonik was officially presented to journalists and tourism industry representatives on the Sava Promenade in Belgrade.