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Discover the new flavours of the mountain

When we harmonize the tones of life with magnificent dishes made from the finest ingredients, an atmosphere is created, satisfying all your senses. A measured combination of flavours and a carefully formed selection of culinary specialties will make your every bite taste like perfection. We are here to fulfill your wishes, satisfy your refined needs, take note of your smiles and provide you with indispensable moments of satisfaction.
Bacco is a place worthy of connoisseurs and enjoyers of upmost gastronomic specialties, of luxurious and unobtrusive character. In a warm and intimate atmosphere, the chosen ones await you.
Nature took care of the views of unforgettable mountainous landscapes of Kopaonik, and we, as its faithful partners, provide the opportunity to create the most beautiful of memories.
Elegant and measured, and equally charming to bring out your smile and brighten up your day! The Grand Salon represents a legacy of style, grandeur and perseverance.
An unforgettable view of the exciting rhythm of nature announces new hedonistic endeavors. It is up to you to make yourself comfortable and allow the present moment to seduce you – deftly, unobtrusively and completely magically. The most exclusive view of the peaks of Kopaonik will be complemented by a sip of quality champagne. The comprehensive palette of natural tones will turn every selfie into a memory worth remembering.