Gastro delicacies

The summer gifts of nature have colored our landscape with enchanting sights and magical smells. Fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, edible boletes and many other forest delicacies are part of the elegant dishes you will enjoy in our restaurants.

Foraging - picking mushrooms, herbs, and Blueberries with lunch in nature

Have you always wondered when is the mushroom picking season, which species are edible, and which ones should be avoided? Where you can find blueberries and wild strawberries on your walks? This summer is the right time to get to know the flora of Kopaonik and to go in search of porcini mushrooms, aromatic and medicinal plants and seasonal fruits accompanied by an experienced guide. And just when your appetite is awakened, a lunch inspired by the unique nature and its rich gifts will await you!

A picnic filled with pleasure

A place with a great view, a natural pine shade, a chef who prepares food just for you, relaxation and enjoyment of the mountain air and the sun. You will want to tell everyone about this exclusive experience, trying to evoke the beauty of sounds from nature, social games, our smiling chefs who command the grill station and the freshness of the incomparable air. This perfect picnic is ideal for hanging out with friends, relaxing with your family and enjoying being in love. We’ll take you there, but it’s up to you to choose whether to go on foot, by bike, e-bike or ATV.

Gastro weekends

Guest chefs awarded with Michelin stars guarantee an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Days filled with culinary art and a fusion of local and exclusive ingredients from around the world will make your taste buds flutter with pleasure. Follow our calendar of events and book your unmatched pleasure!

A visit to the wineries

Renowned family-owned wineries that expertly treat the various grape varieties characteristic of these regions, open their doors and invite you to a tasting and a slow, calm and authentic enjoyment of unexpected tastes. Explore the Aleksandrovac region, the birthplace of wine in the Župa region, as well as small wineries that keep the secrets of traditional technology and top-quality autochthonous varieties such as Prokupac.

Village farming

Secluded on the slopes of Kopaonik, villages of timeless beauty open their doors to you and let you experience for one day what it’s like to harvest the fruits of magnificent nature with your own hands, how local brandy is brewed, and how a person feels in the middle of a village that remembers incredible historical events and stories passed down from generation to generation. Kriva Reka will welcome you with a rich meal and the warmest of welcomes.

See the entire offer of activities in nature

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