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A selection of rooms and suites

Indulge fully in the mood, the sense of the warmth of the mountain atmosphere, and a touch of timeless elegance. Prepare for enjoyment that is in complete synergy with nature, decorated with an idyllic view of the mountain peaks of Kopaonik. Choose a space that we have competently adapted to your needs.

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Your personal paradise

Presidential Suite

And while the view of the mountain peaks of Kopaonik intoxicates you with its spaciousness and intense colours of nature, luxurious executive suites provide a pleasure that will satisfy all your senses, one by one. Carefully selected interior details and an all-day concierge program will add a special glow to your holiday. Nothing is more important than knowing how to live!
Synonymous with life in style

Executive Suite

When you desire something different, more elegant, more elevated. When you desire a service worthy of your sophisticated needs. With an all-day concierge program, we will open the doors for you to a unique experience.
Comfort of the highest order

Junior Suite

Step into a world dedicated to beauty and quality, a world where you can relax and enjoy, thinking about the best scenarios in your life, always keeping in mind that you can realize them right here at any moment. With the all-day concierge program, we will make your every wish come true before you even say it!

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The warmth of a Family Home

Family Room

We feel the beauty of life and family relations most intensely when we are on a mountain, in a harmonious and tucked-in environment. The spacious family rooms have a large double bed or twin beds, as well as a hallway with a walk-in closet, which provides the comfort you fully deserve.
Comfort of the Highest Order

Deluxe Room

Cozy and comfortable, deluxe rooms are tailored to the needs of experienced individuals living a life of style. The spacious deluxe rooms have a comfortable double bed and a cozy two-seater or three-seater for daily relaxation, which can also be used as an extra bed if needed.
Endless Enjoyment

Superior Room

Feel the pleasant vibe of the ambiance and the sensibility that synergizes the gifts of pure nature and sophisticated relaxation skills. Superior rooms are a tucked-in haven of pleasant moods with carefully selected details intended for unforgettable mountain pleasure. The interior has a double bed or twin beds.
Indulge in the Moment

Standard Room

Indulge in relaxation in an interior that exudes the beauty of naturalness and simplicity, modern and functional decoration. From a warm atmosphere and comfortable interior to pure relaxation. The room has a comfortable double bed or twin beds.