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Grand Hotel Kopaonik

About Us

Welcome to the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, where everything is dedicated to your wellbeing and daily enjoyment. Continuously nurturing the tradition of excellence in hoteliering, Grand Kopaonik has been a synonym for exclusivity and unchallengeable quality for four decades. The Grand is a gathering place for experienced individuals who live consistently with the ideals that define modern luxury, and as such, is a proud bearer of the epithet of one of the most recognizable symbols of Kopaonik.
Tucked away in the gorgeous surroundings of the National Park, at the most prestigious location in Kopaonik, the Grand offers its guests a unique sense of luxury with a legendary dedicated service. Expertly combining the tradition of local friendliness with modern trends in tourism and hospitality, it boldly offers new, attractive trails from which the most beautiful personal expeditions emerge.

The symbol of new era

The Karavan Hotel, today’s Grand Kopaonik, opened its doors in 1981. A project of such size and grandeur was not characteristic of the time. Created and designed as a fashionable ski resort that resembled European ski resorts, along with the Karavan, Kopaonik marked a new era of Yugoslav tourism. The opening of the Karavan Hotel in 1981 was the culmination of previous efforts in the construction and development of the infrastructure of Kopaonik. That moment brought the spirit of fashionable ski resort capitals to Yugoslavia.

When You desire more

Hotel Grand Kopaonik has become a meeting place and a particular icon of the hospitality sector. In order to respond to the needs of its guests at all times, it creates an opportunity to tell its story through each and every detail. This is a story of discreet luxury that exudes superb opportunities for relaxation. It’s a story about the Grand feeling – enjoyment, sophistication and world-class experiences. The personalized offer and its highest quality are a confirmation of the grandiose mission to acquaint every guest here with the most beautiful episodes of their life. This perfect offer is managed by an experienced team of people that provides each guest with a royal treatment, making the complete experience of staying in Kopaonik an unforgettable experience. They will cater to your every desire with a smile and make you feel like time is working for you. Returning guests are known by name and surname, their habits and needs are remembered, and there is a solution for every reasonable request – from finding a parking space to helping to put on ski equipment, always with a smile and in a good mood. It’s like an extended family that is always there, 365 days a year, and it seems that every return to the Grand is experienced as a homecoming.

Your personal paradise

The search for the unexplored, magical and hidden in the Grand Hotel continues day by day. An eternal inspiration, Kopaonik surprises with new adventures, reminding each individual that the best things diminish time. The Grand Hotel never welcomes us in the same edition, nor does it send us off with the same memories – it only further intrigues us to return to it again. The Grand is a new dimension of relaxation, hedonism and enjoyment. The Grand is family, first skiing, first steps, a sense of specialness. The Grand is a tradition with a view to the future, luxury with style. The Grand is an emotion.

A second home in the mountains

The spirit of the times and the growing ambitions led to the decision to create a new name for the Karavan – and so the Grand was born. The Grand Hotel became the epicenter of social life on the mountain, and a second home to numerous guests, many of whom are renowned names from the world of sport, art, politics and business, who still represent the recognizable faces of the hotel and Kopaonik. The hotel has been part of the MK Group since 2009 – one of the largest business systems in Serbia and the region. Of particular importance is the group’s collaboration with renowned world brands such as Kempinski and Sheraton.

A new dimension of taking a holiday

Luxurious and resolute, the hotel offers an unsurpassed mountain experience enriched with numerous facilities to relax and enjoy all year round. First-class treatments at the Spa & Wellness Center, uniquely designed retreat packages, all-day concierge program, as well as numerous outdoor activities, are just some of the content that will take you through unforgettable adventures and reveal the best secrets of Kopaonik. Inspired by body and spirit care, the Spa & Wellness Center provides a luxurious and carefully selected range of treatments intended to detach you from the obligations of everyday life, and enable the unique energy of Kopaonik to take over your senses and allow you to relax and balance your mind, body and spirit.

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