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A place worthy of brave hedonists

Whether you are visiting Kopaonik for family or business reasons, vacation, or fun, the activities we offer within the hotel hint at the perfection of colourful days and idyllic winter nights. Get ready to spice up the full experience of adrenaline in the heart of Kopaonik with the right dose of hedonism and head to the promised mountain paradise. Let us enchant you with our grandiose skills and dedication, while you discover the secrets of wellbeing with ease.

Listen to the poetry of nature

An unforgettable panoramic view of the untouched nature of Kopaonik hints at the perfection of a colourful day and an idyllic winter night. Connect with nature on all levels of your being and take back with you from this vacation the most valuable thing – peace and harmony of mind and body.

A touch of untouched nature

An ideal way to completely indulge in nature and enjoyment under the mountain sun. We will help you choose the best locations.


Our Grand Concierge is at your service 24 hours a day. They will explore the best-kept beauties of Kopaonik for you, organize your special moments, bring a smile to your face and be at your disposal whenever you need them.

Business & pleasure

In the exclusive ambiance of the most famous mountain destination, your company has the opportunity to strengthen the team spirit of staff who will return to work full of enthusiasm for new business challenges through flawless stay and organized activities. The dedication of our staff, the professionalism and quality of the Grand service, as well as the care of warm, human relationships based on empathy and understanding make business meetings at Grand completely unique.


Ski Opening Kopaonik was held for the first time in 2010, organized by MK Mountain Resort and Serbian Ski Resorts. It has become a favorite tourist brand that attracts a large number of guests from the entire region to Kopaonik every year.

Find out about our services

Are you in the mood for a specially designed activity or adventure to remember? Whatever your vision is, we are here to turn it into future memories. Our Grand Concierge is at your service 24 hours a day.